Pros And Cons Of Laptops Over A Desktop

Desktops were the first computers available to everyone. These were bid devices that were fixed in one place. They started becoming common all over the world and they were very popular. Desktops are easy to make and there isn’t any limit on power. Similarly, desktops are the best for many uses. The first desktops were also large. They took a lot of space and power. Desktops were available quite a while before any real technology in portability came along. This was because no manufacturer who had to reduce the size of their components and parts. This changed when people wanted a device to carry around. This was mainly because, you can continue the work you were doing at office at home. Especially, since the internet wasn’t available, this was worse.  

The laptop was introduced when portability became necessary. The first laptops were quite large. They were big as suitcases and had limited battery life and processing power compared to a desktop. As manufacturers started releasing the potential of the laptop, they started releasing smaller components. They also started focusing on power saving. Companies such as intel began working on low power processor for laptops. All together laptops became a viable alternative to desktops. Here’s a list of Pros and Cons laptop has over desktops. 



Portability is one of the major advantages of the laptop. This allows the laptop to be carried around anywhere. You can take your work where you want. This gives a level of flexibility not available on desktops. Various manufacturer work with contract manufacturer with AOI in China to make components small and efficient as well.  

Takes less room 

Laptops are much smaller than desktop therefore, it’s easier to use. Desktops take significant space and release more heat. Since laptops are smaller and efficient it requires much less space. Similarly, laptops can be carried on your lap like the name suggests. Desktops on the other hand has to be kept on a desktop and cannot be moved around. Similarly, like an ISO 13485 manufacturer in China specifications, laptops are made in high quality material and parts for longevity. AOI


Less power 

Since laptops are smaller and run on limited battery power, their parts aren’t as powerful as their desktop counterparts. The processor is built as a low power unit thereby limiting performance. This doesn’t mean laptops are weak but are less powerful than desktops. Usually desktops computer are preferable for gaming.  


Desktops are cheaper than laptops. A desktop with the same specs as laptops is always cheaper. This is because laptops also include the cost of making the components smaller. They are much smaller than their desktop counterpart and they’re harder to make.